WTT: 4 months of Xbox Live for $20 PSN card


To make a long story short, my Xbox Live account got hacked, and was down for about 3 months. To make up for it, Microsoft sent me a few emails with free months of Xbox Live. I sold my Xbox because… Well… I’m a Sony fanboy and this mess was the straw that broke the camels back. So I’m looking to get rid of these codes in exchange for a $20 PSN code.

I want to do this strictly through e-mail, meaning if you want to take this offer you have to be an active member on SRK, and not a new account. I will send proof of the e-mails Microsoft has sent me before we exchange anything. I have two e-mails with codes from Microsoft, one for 3 months of XBL, and another for one month of XBL, totalling 4 months. I’d think this is a more than fair trade.

PM me if interested.


El bumpo!