WTT: 6 pink Seimetsu PS-14-GX

I have 6 brand new never used Seimetsu PS-14-GX. I got them along time ago but threw them in my button pile never using them. So I’m willing trade them out. They are discontinued and the micro switches are basically the same as the Sanwa RG.

Here are the pics. I’m open to any offers.



What are you looking for in particular?

yeah, i’m interested, but I don’t know what you want.

I’m looking for atleast a sanwa/seimetsu set. But I was hoping for people to make me offers, just looking for something to catch my eye to trade these for.

ill take em dude
can you get a pink stick sanwa stick?

ok so no one wants these Discontinued buttons? If I dont get a response soon, I’ll just keep em.

How much? Post a price.

Trade. Want to trade for, I was looking to trade something for them.

If no one else gives me offers I’ll sell them to you albert_c

Help SRK out by posting some stuff you are looking for please.

I’ll trade you my used underwear with crap streaks. So far, thats the best offer made because no one knows what you want.

honestly if you don’t want them, I’ll be happy to mod my hrap 2 with these as I’ve been unsuccessful trying to locate ANY in japan during my last few trips since they are DC. Would make me happy as I dislike the stock buttons. tis suck ass and I wouldn’t bother buying the ps-14-g version.

I thought that was pretty clear. But I’ll come out and say it again. I would like to trade for atleast a sanwa/seimetsu set for these.

So far the only serious offer has been from Albert_C, but I would really like to trade them and not just sell them outright.

When you say Seimitsu Set, you mean like a LS-32-01 and 6 or 8 buttons or what? Let me know. I’d like to have them and I have some stock I can move.

A LS-32-01 + 8 buttons would be amazing! PM sent.