WTT: 8 Blue Sanwa OBSF 30 for 8 Dark Hais

Lightly used, all in working condition.

Also have a blue bubble ball top to trade for a black meshball+cash.

I can also do 6 for 6.

do you have a pic? I wanna see the color of the blues


are you looking for the old school or new school meshball pattern?

I thought they only had 1 black meshball.

the old school pattern was “tighter” & the new school is “looser”(the best way to describe it).

Got any comparison pics?

looking to sell if you dont find a trade?

Cryptlord, I just sent a pic to your PSN account.

Not liking the new one as much. Which one do they sell on akihabarashop?

I’ll probably sell them if I can’t get a trade.