WTT: 8 Sanwa OBSC-30 for stick bag. WTS: 8 new Sanwa OBSF/OBSC hybrids


So I ordered 2 sets of the white Sanwa OBSC 30’s. I just needed one of them. Yet, I need to get a new stick bag. I really prefer the Brokentier World Traveller bag but the EVO stick sack is a 2nd option.

In addition, I am also selling 8 Sanwa OBSF/OBSC mixed buttons: A Black base with the white clear plunger. Asking $27.50 since these are new buttons. Pics will be up later.

If anyone is interested in this please let me know and we can swap information and such.




Picture has been added.



I’ve got a brand new Evo bag I’d trade for the buttons.


My 2nd set of the white obsc buttons should be here early next week btw.