WTT: AE PC for one month live membership

Thanks for your intrest…

Willing to trade digital copy of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition PC version for one month xbox live trial code…

bump, lowered the deal.


I’ll buy one today! That is if evawing hasn’t gotten to it.

You know you get xbox live for a month free just by making a new gamertag right?

Im only taking codes, no paypal payment for it.

He didn’t but another guy has expressed his interest, if it falls through I will get you next I suppose.

Yeah I know, I want a code so I can play on my original gamer tag not a new one.

I go to work tomorrow at 8 am east coast time and will be out at 4 pm. just pm me and I’ll buy it.
It’s AE on Steam right?

Its the AE they gave participants at EVO. Its downloaded from Games for Windows Live. It is still available, I haven’t heard back from another member who was interested.

I dont want to do paypal, I just want a code for xbox live. If its a 3 month code or one month code, either way its a good value for a $40 game.

Can i still offer my One month card for SSFIV

Its been traded sorry…