WTT- Ascii Optical for the DC


Looking to trade my stick for any version on Windows 7. I had a few pm’s a while back but them but i deleted them on accident. If anyone is interested let me know.


Bought the stick about a year ago from Brighenne, but never got around to putting it in my TE stick like i had planned.


If anyone is interested in buying it i’m looking to get $110 + Shipping.


Hmm, I’m kind of interested in getting it back. I’ve got a key for windows 7 professional if you’re interested.


Oh man, I messaged you about a Windows 7 Professional key before and I never got a reply back. I assumed you got one and sold it.

I’m still really interested in it and can still provide you a Windows 7 Professional key. Any chance I can take precedence over brighenne?


PM’s sent. Still looking for windows 7.