WTT: Battops, Bezels, TE Stock Art, PS2 Fightstick

i have a 2 Battops with adapters for trade, one is red and one is blue, the red one was used once for 2-3 hours at the most and the blue one hasnt even been unwrapped from the plastic that it shipped with. (the picture of the battops turned out really blurry so i removed it)

i also have the art from a round 2 TE and 2 bezels, one red and one white

most of the marks on the artwork are smudges and can be cleaned off, and the spot on viper is just a reflection

i also have a stick for PS2, its called a “PS Arcade” and its made by InterAct, i dont know much about it, but it does work.

im looking for a Purple sanwa balltop, some purple sanwa 30mm buttons, a Nuetrik RJ45 jack, feed through cable and the cable to use it with SNES, and Xbox, and possibly a USB cable for it as well.

im also looking for the essential avengers volume 4 and 7

thats all i can think of right now but i will update the list if i find anything else i want to trade.

PM incoming