WTT: Brand New Round 2 TE for Hori V3 SA

Hey everyone, I’m looking to trade my brand new round 2 TE for a Hori V3 SA stick. After only using hori sticks for the past several years, and “switching” to a madcatz, I feel like I need to go back to using Hori’s. Comes in original box, packaging, and with instructions.

The stick is brand new, except I have removed the original artwork because I was going to mod the stick, but have decided not to. Also tested and made sure it works in training mode of SSF4 (since like 3-4 threads this week have people claiming stick issues and button issues)

Just looking for a straight up fair trade, the V3 SA doesnt have to be new, I dont mind getting a used one. I’ll even add on any artwork you want for the TE if you want, just so it isnt bare metal, sorry no plexi though.

Really love the looks of the TE stick, but after having one in person, I need a Hori.