WTT: Brand new TE:S (PS3) for new/used TE:S (X360) or Real Arcade Pro VX SA


Simple enough… I have a TE:S stick new in the box, unused. I’d like to trade it with someone for an Xbox 360 stick of the same kind, or a Real Arcade Pro VX SA (new or used).

Let me know if you have something to offer. :wonder:




replied, still looking


Glad i found this before i posted a new topic. I have an xbox 360 TE stick that i would like to trade in for a ps3 TE stick because i do not longer want to pay to play xbox live and would rather just play online on my ps3. If you’re still interested please let me know. My TE is used, and its a Round 1 stick. I still have all the original packaging to go with it. and i also take really good care of my stuff. so if you need pics of it or anything let me know. btw, im also on AIM - YoshiExcel