WTT Brand new x360 Madcatz Round 2 TE for a x360 HRAP VX-sa

Hey guys I just ordered a xbox 360 madcatz round 2 te and found out that the button layout was the same as the madcatz se fightstick. The stick will be shipped to me in about 3-4 days. So now I’m looking to trade for a HRAP VX-sa preferably brand new and un-modded. Thanks!

Edit: Now I’m looking to sell/trade my madcatz round 2 te. I’m still looking for the VX-SA but now am also willing to trade for an Xbox 360. It needs to be a Jasper model and unopened though. I need to sell it to buy a new xbox due to the rrod. PM me a price/trade so we can negotiate a deal. Happy holidays!

Edit: Price for stick is $90 buyer pays shipping. Best deal for the rest of the year if you missed out on the buy 1 get one 1 free deal! Still accepting trades!

HRAP:VX-SA has the same Viewlix layout as MadCatz. You may want to consider getting the HRAP:EX-SE that has the Astro City layout. :shy:
Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX-SE: Video Games

I was informed that in the hrap vlx/vx/v3 thread that all madcatz had the same layouts which felt different from my old hrap ex. I was also told that the madcatz te round 2 button layout was different from that of the vx.

VX-SA has the same layout as the TE but the HAND placement is different. TE your hand rests flat on the top panel where the SA your button hand rests on an inclined side and top panel. So diffrent comfort level

All MadCatz sticks have the same Viewlix layout. The VLX, VX, and V3 use the same Viewlix layout as well. You were misinformed about the Round 2 TE being different from the VX. They have the same Viewlix layout. The older HRAP’s use the Astro City layout. These include the HRAP2/SE/SA’s, the HRAP3/SE/SA’s, and the HRAP:EX/SE/SA’s. If you want to use the same layout as the HRAP EX for the XBOX 360, then your only choices are the same HRAP EX or the HRAP EX:SE/SA. The HRAP EX:SA is extremely rare though. Hope this helps and good luck! :tup:

Okay. Still looking for the trade…is this even a fair trade for both parties? If not then I will close it, don’t want an uneven trade to go through.

If it wasn’t for all the discount deals that you can get on the R2 TE this would be a pretty fair trade.

Full price, a R2 TE is $150 and a VX SA is $160 (last time I recall)

Bump, now for sale/trade!

Bump! Price set pretty low for a top notch stick!