WTT: Chun-Li TES2 for Hitbox Arcade PS4


I have a like new Chun-LI TES2 for PS4. Barely use it, maybe about a month of light use, didn’t have time because I was in school.

Now that I’m out I want a Hitbox Arcade controller for PS4.

I live in Los Angeles. Bought the Chun-li stick for $250, if the person is willing to pay for shipping (negotiable) will just do an even swap.

I’ll take pictures upon request. Not with the stick right now but wondering whose interested.


I have a TE-S case that has a Hitbox Style Panel and has a cheap ps3/pc pcb in it. You could probably drop a Brook UFB in it. I don’t use the thing and I know it’s not worth a fair trade, but this is just taking up space and I’m looking to get rid of it. If there’s anything else you would be cool with me adding as a trade or if you just wanna buy it off me, let me know and I’ll take some pics of it.


I have a hitbox i can mod for PS4 if you are interested.