Wtt consoles and games for ps3 and ps2 controller

2 namco guncom 2 ps2 light gun controllers 30$ shipped

Intellivision 2 console 2controllers and power cable.
http://i931.photobucket.com/albums/ad156/Atrainevochamp/Picture009-1.jpg 30$ shipped Sold - Craigslist

Atelier Iris 2 ps3 10$ shipped SOLD

Zelda Phantom hour glass (no case) (DS) 15$ shipped

Slave Zero DC

GTA1 ps1

The Adventure of Lomax ps1

Spider man DC

star wars ep 1 jedi power battle DC

MGS1 ps1

Battle arena toshinden ps1 (long box)

Legend of mana Jp ps1

In the Hunt ps1 long box

Star wars demolition DC

Medal of Honor ps1

GTA 2 ps1

Unreal Anthology PC

Unreal tournament dc

Quake 3 arena

ps360 arcade stick full sanwa
Xbox 360 TE stick
sega naomi gr rom io board too
Sega naomi2
Jamma super gun
Neogeo MVS
Neogeo mvs games
CPS2 games
Sega naomi games
Initial D for sega naomi
ps3 controller
Ps3 racing wheel
Initial D extream stage ps3
sega triforce
Sega Chihiro
Sony ps3 controller
Sony ps2 controller (official)

Ps1 ps2 ps3 rpgs
gc games (good ones)
ps3 se stick.

Sega Lindbergh

Odin Sphere ps2
Jubei Kibagami
Atelier Iris 2
Afro Messiah

I have the Zelda Collector’s Edition, but I’m not interested in the things you’re trading. I’d like to see what you put up next though.

I’m interested in Portal 1 or Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3, N2O: Nitrous Oxide for PS1, Nintendo stuff in general, and of course cash.

Good luck with your collection either way.

And by the way, ever seen this site: www.first4figures.com

interested in all the zelda stuff. pm me for price.

Im looking for zelda stuff not selling

how much for the paewang ? pics?

Give me 2 days to get a pic to you my Internet is down

yeah but how much?

would you sell the Fightpad pcb at all?

I’m fine With selling it

How much?

PM sent.

Are you looking for an external TB or are you trying to trade one?

Right now I’m just looking to trade for stuff or sell off some stuff

i have ocarina of time on 3ds trade for paewang?

willing to take cash for the paewang? i dont have anything im willin got trade

Still waiting to hear back from you about my offer. This is only the second time Ive thought about giving this beauty away.

Hello everyone Sorry My internet was down so I couldnt really answer a lot. but I would sell the paewang for 35 shipped pics will be up soon.


Added 2 guncom 2 ps2 light guns us orange

and Paewang is pretty much bought but if the sale drops Ill pick the next buyer

Thanks. As soons as they refund me I will make the payment again. Sorry again. I tough that e-mail was yours.