WTT: CPS-2 Trade Vampire Savior for Super Turbo

Want to Trade (Must live in So Cal and make the exchange face to face)

Anyone willing to trade with me a CPS-2 Vampire Savior (USA Blue Board) for a CPS-2 Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Either Blue or Green but not Gray or Orange).

The Vampire Savior is phoenixed so you don’t have to worry about the battery. Phoenix Edition are also all region so you can change it to Japanese if you want. The game works perfect. But if you’re picky there are duct tape marks on the shell:( The idiot who sold me the cab long time ago duct tape the A board and the B board together. I have no idea why since there were already clips in it. You probably could take it out.

I might even consider trading you this board for a Super Turbo board that does not work. But I have to check if it’s repairable. If the battery is dead that’s fine but if the board got fried, it’s still possible to fix depending where it got fried.

If you’re interested please PM me or text me at 310 344 9367.