WTT: CPS2 Alpha 3 for Vampire Hunter

Yep. Looking for someone willing to give me a Vampire Savior (or Hunter) cartridge for my Alpha 3 cartridge. Mine is not Phoenixed, but is in awesome condition. It is missing the label on it, though. No issues in terms of functionality though.

Hit me up on PM if you’re interested.

EDIT: I also have SSFII and XMEN COTA that I would be willing to part with.

thats an awesome deal. i’d trade if I still had one of the boards you’re looking for.

good luck!

Savior is about a $50 game at most. Hunter is a lot harder to find, but cheap as well. Alpha 3 is easily a $100 board. Find a Savior on ebay, they are available often.

So maybe I should demand a phoenixed board in trade?

i just picked up my vampire savior board on ebay for 30 dollars. and im pretty sure i saw a vampire savior 2 board go for just a little more than that recently too. no hunters that i can remember though.

i really do not think alpha 3 is a good trade on your side. like THChardcore said, just be patient and watch ebay

So you’re the motherfucker that sniped me at the last second? FUCK YOU, BUDDY!

j/k Congrats, that’s a good price.