WTT: Custom Sticks for Web Design

I am looking for a web professional that can create a full site for me. Must stick to deadlines, must have a degree or equivalent, and must provide examples. I will be flexible, if work can be shown and done however. This is good opportunity for those studying to get a degree, as you can add to your portofolio and experience, help me out, and possibly get a custom stick!

Priority will be given to the highest credentials.

Must know Flash and create animations for it, and must be able to clearly explain to me all details of the code, and the inner workings of the site. I am computer literate, so shouldn’t be a problem. And should know how to work and create e commerce ready sites.

It can be based off a template, or etc, as long as its meet certain criteria that I need, I will let whomever does this, have full control on how they want, so they can be as creative as they want, I am very very flexible, as long as it does what I need to do.

Source Code must be provided, as well as full rights to the codes will be mine.

If your interested, I can work out a stick, or reduction or whatever based on the amount of work. I can also help on photoshop etc, and some coding. I want simple, clean design ;), if your a professional shouldn’t be to hard, as I can also help alot.

The bottom line this must be fun, and enjoyable for both parties, just needs to accomplish a few goals.

Thanks in advance, and pm me if your interested ;), or email me at pc1x1g [at ]gmail.com.

The site needs to be done ASAP, I am looking at September, I am fully aware of how much work, and time needs to go on a site, so we’ll work out the details over the phone, skype, or whatnot to figure out how feasible, and fast implementation can be.


requiring a degree/working on degree is a bit steep of a requirement… especially since atleast 60% of web designers have no degree and only experience.

Working on a degree is prob a better word, I can’t have someone who thinks they know web design ;), as I stated above, doesn’t matter if the work shown is good enough. I just need someone thats good thats all ;). A degree helps that shows me your dedicated, nothing else.

i will be working on a degree, and ive been making websites for about 5 - 6 years

since freshman year in highschool, and im 19 now

i’m currently the marketing director at a real estate company

hope this helps

If a person has years of experience and can show you examples of their work the degree should mean nothing. I have been a computer programmer for going on 10 years and only have an AS degree not a BS. Almost every want add I see says degree and / or equivalent experience desired. Give the web designers a chance and let them submit examples of their work. Let that be your guide not the fact that the person has a degree in this or that. There are many code monkies out there that have the degree but couldn’t program themselves out of a paper bag.

I don’t do websites well and I make my own sticks so I wouldn’t be interested or the proper person to help you here. Good luck in finding a good web designer. Then send them my way.:wgrin:


Haha will do, thats what I mean, the degree part is just to know they are dedicated. Shoo will def talk when I am feeling better, I just hopped on for a moment to check everything :).

If you can email me some examples shoo it would be good. TTYL.

will do,

its just that none of my sites are still on servers,

i manage one site for my real estate company
i didnt design it but i manage it


plus im working on my degree ;]

Hey, PC1x1…I can do this too y’know. We even talked about it!

I certainly am no pro at web design, but I can help out with the graphic stuffs, if you’d like.

And I don’t even want a full stick… just a wood shell. It doesn’t even need to be built up, but cut and drilled. XD

Hahah, Numbski, I thought you were only the host, I was planning on using you as a host for sure though hehe! RockCho, would certainly love to work with ya. And Shoo, heya we got a team now ;). Once I am a bit better, we’ll def work this out guys!

I can do a little of everything, but I also have a design firm behind me. Granted, they aren’t free, but they’ve done sites like budlightlive.com and Maxim’s doubleexxposure.com site. They’re pretty good. :wink:

Well definitely get everyone involved. I am a stickler on doing things right, so I don’t mind investing a little if it makes ordering sticks easer, I haven’t made a cent, all money goes towards improving my craftmanship, improving materials, and tools, and making things better for the customer. My goal would be something like Dell’s site, where you can add the options, etc and buy it in paypal, etc, streamlining the process. Ill have a plan written up, and all 4 of thus, can discuss how feasible etc everything will be. I still have to wait till I get better, can’t really talk lol.