If anyone have an old used american stick. Custom…MAS…basiclly any old or beat dowbn stick i can restore or what ever, just none of those plain squared boxes. Not a fan, when it comes to american stick. also if you want I can throw in an agetec pcb. Was gonna put it in one of my sticks but I have a few pads i can hack for that.:sweat:

Also willing to sell both games and for like $30 each…was very hard to get ahold of all these. So not really tryin to let them go for to low

Are the games imports? I got enough money in my paypal account to express interest in MvC2.

i call cvs2

Only cvs2 is an import

Mark me down for MvC2. I’ll pay through paypal in a couple of hours at the least.

Question: How much extra will you charge me if you send it priority?

Ok well for you two shipping should be about 5-10. I get you all later when i get home. Gotta make sure ima have some one to mail these out for me as i have a busy work and school week.

CVS2 sold

Ah yes…not really keen about selling this but what the hell…i need the money: A hacked SFAC pad.

…willing to part with for only $25 plus shipping. IF Memory serves me correctly. I should have some quick dc’s connectted on it.

Ok before the end of the night hit…can i get someone for these pcb’s

SFAC ps2 hacked

I’m going to have MvC2 go. Apparently I haven’t finished setting up my paypal account so that I can send the funds.