WTT: DS & PSP Games and More - Want: Castlevania Dawn and Aria of Sorrow


I’m trading 1:1 for the most part when it comes to DS and PSP. All games come with instructions and box unless said otherwise. I’d possibly be willing to throw extras from the non-ds and PSP for both games if you 'have them with instructions and boxes in great condition.

For Aria of Sorrow, I’d prefer the non-dual pack edition with instructions but I’ll take either.

Games I got for trade:


-Fire Emblem
-Pokemon Platinum
-Kirby’s Superstar Ultra
-Final Fantasy III (no instructions)
-Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (no instructions)
-Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass

-Final Fantasy Tactics
Harvey Birdman

Other Stuff:

X-Box (no boxes or books for any of these)
-Halo 2
-D&D Heroes
-Panzer Dragoon Orta
-Jade Empire

PC: (all have boxes and instructions included)

-Company of Heroes
-Command and Conquer 3 + Xpac
-Mass Effect
-Titan Quest


-KOF 02-03 (no instructions)
-Mega Man PS2 Collection (no cd case cover)
-Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (no instruction book)
-Disgaea 2 (game only, no case or book)

Xbox 360:

DOA Extreme Volleyball 2 crap
Pro Evo Soccer 2009 (no instrructions)
Forza Motorsport 2