WTT: Dual Modded TE for HRAP 3 SA +$60

I have a Dual modded 360 Madcatz TE works on ps3 and 360.

I would like to trade for a HRAP3SA +$60
PM me for pics


pics? I have a HRAP3SA that should be here within a few days. How much did you use the TE stick?

would you consider a HRAP3 Amazon Edition (White) with modded Pearl Seimitsu buttons?

Replied to PM

Probably with a price increase. PM me to talk price

would you be interested in a PS3 TE + cash

I’m considering just straight up buying that TE stick from you if you want. Plus, we can meet at Sunsie anyway, so no shipping costs.

I’m sorry it would probably have to be a brand new TE and alot of cash.

Coopa’s the man! PM sent

I have a HRAP3 modded to equal a SA… all sanwa buttons… with Arthong plexi as well…

sent a PM…

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