WTT: Evo 2K6 DVD for PS2 SF Control Pad

I have a used and in very good condition Evo 2k6 DVD - Disc 1 (2D games). I want to trade it for a Working and in good condition PS2 SF Pad (no original box ok) Either an Akuma or Chun-Li one. Please specify beforehand condition, version, and if you have the original box and comic if interested. Contact via PM would be best for wiring out details for the trade. DVD will be sent via standard mail w/ no shipping charges or anything. US residents only please. Thank you for your time.

Dr. G-Funk '94

i think i saw one at the gamestop by my house with no packaging

but i think it was the ken one

You can find these on eBay or Amazon for like $10 each.

do what he said ^^^

and sell me the dvd :3

Ebay/local game store would be the way to go, but that’s a problem. I canceled my Ebay account sometime ago and my I can’t trust on my local store to have such accessories . But Amazon I didn’t even think about. I just might sell this by itself after some research then. Thanks for the tip.

I’m down for the trade. I got an Akuma controller with box and comic.
Used rarely. Was going to take it apart and use the pcb, but I’d totally trade it for Evo 2k6 DVD.

2 offers are in question. All other offerings will be temporally ignored.

ITEM SOLD - To admins: Close thread. Thank you buyer for sell.

awwww i juust saw an akuma pad at gamestop used for like $8