WTT: Fight Stick + $50 cash


Alright, so I have a Soul Calibur 4 Hori EX2 fight stick for the 360, and $50 cash. I’d like to trade this for a Madcatz TE Fightstick for the 360, since I prefer a bigger fight stick, no homo lol. :wink:

I can include a few more dollars if necessary, but primarily I’d like to do a straight swap if possible. Thanks for looking and hoepfully somebody can help a brotha out. :smiley:


Let me know if you want cash alone for that ex2.


he was selling it b4 he will prob sell it to you i have sold to both of ya and were both very ez to dal with gl to both of ya :slight_smile:


55 shipped for it? I just sold another EX2 I had a few days ago and it cost about $15 for shipping.