WTT: Fighting Edge (360)


I have a Hori Fighting Edge (360) for trade. Im looking for a 360 stick. Preferably a Qanba with cash on your end, ofcourse. Or up for sale for $200 flat (you dont pay for tax) Its literally only a week old, and basically brand new i purchased on 7/25. I can provide proof of purchase if need be. It also has the warranty sticker still in tack, and has ~90days left on its warranty. Its been babied since it arrived on my doorstep. The only reason why im selling it is cause i need a gaming mouse and budget stick, and selling this, i can get both :slight_smile:

Only doing **local trades in los angeles.



you just got this, now you gonna trade it! post pictures! lol

someone do the trade or buy people!
highly recommend this dude!


Haha yea man. I really love the stick. But i really need a mouse first lol


what kinda mouse you trying to get?


Im tryn to get a Razer Naga. Something with alot of mouse buttons to keybind lol, since i play WoW, and GW2 when it releases


something like this?


Yup thats the one. but the green one, cause i have a green keyboard