WTT for 6x OBSN-30 in white

I need 6x OBSN-30 in white since the snaps in i got wont snap in on my mod cuz its too thick. I have 6x OBSF-30 in white for trade and also assorted amount of other colors like PS-14-GN in blackrim/clear center, OBSN-30 in pink, and a set of OBSF-30 in Dark Hai. I’m also willing to buy a set of them since im in a rush for them.


Got em, thx xhippermonky**

youre giving em away already -____-*

jk ;p
bump for you

yea i really like to use them o_O lol, but right now i need some screwin white sanwas o_O badly. The clips like literally are 0.5mm away from clicking down on the top. So i need screw ins now instead of snapins.

urth, hit me up on aim. I have some used screw ins I can trade.