WTT for stick

I have an 80 gig ipod video with a leather protective case. I also have a PS1 Namco stick that I will throw in (I think the stick part itself needs to be looked at, not 100% sure) and just for shits and giggles, I’ll throw in a car charger for the ipod.

Looking for a GOOD PS1/2 stick, preferably custom made, preferably Japanese parts. Used is fine, as long as the damb thing works Pics helpful, and I can provide pics of my items as well if requested.

PS I do NOT have a USB cable for the ipod. that’s up to you to find.

let me know if you want to sell the ipod/namco stick for some money if you dont find any trades. thanks.

I may be interested. I have a custom stick made by dreaded fist a few years back and I really don’t use my older generation consoles anymore. All sanwa parts, great stick. I’ll PM you some pictures of it and see what you think.

I too have a Dreaded Fist made custom. Happ parts, however.

Definitely interested. Give me a better idea of what your looking for (what kind of parts) and I can see what I can put together; I have a ton of stuff on hand and can do all sorts of cool tech stuff to it, like say both PSX and built-in PS3/PC USB :slight_smile: