Wtt games and 2 namco guncom2 light guns for ps3 controller pc mic fighters shmups and more

Hello SRK I am looking to trade
Haves not in video
Albert Odyssey sega saturn
[S]Nights into Dreams segasaturn[/S]
2 PS2 guncom light guns
Soul Calibur v
Ps3 arcade stick
Happaug HD PVR
Roxio game capture
KOF 13
dodonoachi ressurection
Pc microphone good audio
Skies of Arcadia
Dream cast shmups

Video has shows the items

added a want

360 verisons? If so i have BB, UMVC, and SC on 360

Give me prices individual and prices bundled

Individual on my thread (includes Pix):

PM me for bundled

changed to trade thread added want list added haves added video showing haves

I have a SOUL edition fightstick for PS3 if you’re interested. Check out my thread.

are you interested in anything i have?

I dont own the systems for the games you have, sorry.

traded nights and added a want

added a have

Added wants