WTT - HORI EX2 DOA Edition (Xbox360, if you don't know)

Used for about a year.


This is a list of things I want…

I’ve got Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I’m sure I have it laying around my house somewhere. I’ve got the case and booklet for it too. I also got one of those PS2 DVD Remote Controllers but I just have the controller itself so you probably don’t want that if an adapter is required.

Got anything else? It doesn’t have to be stuff on the list. I have a DS and a PS2… I have 1 game on PS2 and 4 on DS… If it works on PC or either of those systems, let me know.

Maybe to the OoE.

I’ve got Street Fighter Alpha Anthology too. I’ve got a bunch of other fighting games for the PS2 but SFA Anthology is the only one I have on your list. I also have the Final Fantasy games but I don’t wanna trade those, lol.

I see it this way - OoE is $15 used, AA is $10, so that’s $25

My stick is going for $80 used (50 is more reasonable for it) - Entirely going off of Amazon’s prices.

so I’ll think about it.

Ah, I see. The stick is entirely stock parts though right?