WTT: Hori PS2 Fighting Stick for HRAP3


This is what my PS2 stick looks like:

I’d use the img tag, but not sure this site takes it. Anyhow, I’m looking to trade PS2 for PS3 stick.


Here’s a better link:

This is the exact stick (I probably even bought it from them). It’s totally stock, I’d kick down some cash for a stock HRAP3, wonder how far this will go.


I’m not interested in getting this, but why don’t you just buy a ps2-ps3 adapter? It’d be much cheaper. =)


would you want to sell it vash?


It’s a great stock stick that I’d rather leave alone for someone else. I’ve been using adapters to get it playing on PS3 (which work fine), but I’m no longer interested in using it. The HRAP3 has the layout I’m looking for (somehow I prefer the Hori layout over the TE/SE Madcatz), so I figure this may go to a good home.