Wtt: hori stick for sanwa parts

i need a jlf joystick … i have the hori virtual fighter stick…will post pic if needed…

I USED THIS STICK FOR ONLY 3 hours… i didnt like the feel for it… its to light for me…and im trying to put a jlf on my stick…

i need a black ball top on my with the metal support thingy…LOL i dont know much about sanwa…but i think itll be a step up from happ.

I’d like to see pics, myself. Don’t have any Sanwa parts to trade, but I’d possibly like to buy outright.

JLFs are rather light aswell, lighter than the stick stick in the hori ex2 iirc

i think what is meant is that he feels that on the whole the hori stick doesnt seem as sturdy as some of the custom jobs. wood tends to be heavier than a plastic case

yes this is exactly what im saying…posting pics as soon as i find my camera :slight_smile: