Wtt hori wii fighting stick (close this thread please.)

want to trade a hori wii fighting stick for a hori ex2(xbox 360).

the wii stick is practically new, i used it a bit for the VC, but i no longer play my wii.

why don’t you guys sell 'em?

or buy a 360 hacked pad and put it on the wii fs

not many places will let you list a wii with wiikey , nearly every wii game "backup"an vc game “demo” released on the system for sale :shake: , i put it up on ebay not long ago they waited ill after the auction finished so id got charged fee’s then removed it from there system for a violation (wii key)

anyway on topic wii sticks not a bad stick mate has one its just a hrap on the wii same disconnects on buttons etc

yea i was thinking about getting a hacked 360 pad from hozie but he suggested to try and trade it first so thats what im doing :D. thats probably the path imma take, just thought id give it a shot.