WTT: HRAP 3 : SA for Madcatz TE

1st , Sorry guys If I didn’t completely follow any trading post rules here:

I have a new, PS3 HRAP : SA had it for about a week now. It’s in orgininal box, perfect condition, except for a 3 small scratches i put on it on the top near “Select” while changing the L1&L2 White Sanwas for Red ones, i had a tiny screw on my lap and didn’t realize it.

I haven’t really used it except to test, and re-wire L1 and L2 to become L2 and R2 respectively, and to switch out the Square Gate for an Octo Gate (Which can be part of the trade or the original square)

If you would like, I’ve got a Red Ball-top, a Black Ball-top, a red Bat-top a Clear Bubble-Top, and a Sanwa Stick with double springs (More springback/stiffness like a Seimitsu) that can replace anything on the HRAP

I’m Looking for a PS3 Madcatz TE in similar condition (Pref. the all black ones, Marvel or Round 2)

I love this stick, but the 1st stick I built is backwards and PC compatible, and I like the button layout on the TE because of my Hugo sized hands ( Button plugs might help here too)

Picture will be up tom, thanks again all you guys. :tup:

Update : 02/01/2010

Gonna leave it for another week before I sell it off, thanks everyone.