Wtt: hrap v3-sa ps3 for 360 stick or a socal dual mod

Looking to trade my ps3 hrap v3 sa stick for a 360 madcatz te or hori hrap 360. The stick is in perfect condition with a minor cosmetic scratch on the artwork, very minor stuff.

Or if you’re in the area and can dual mod my hrap for 360 I got 80$ if anybody would be down to work for that price range… (socal only)

Hey I heard JDM charges a pretty good rate.

Get a hold of him. He lives in LA does the best job ever, and you know you can save some money on shipping :slight_smile:

Yeah I hit him up

You should probably go with him, because 80 dollars is kinda low. Unless you wanna waste money shipping your stick with gummowned.