I realize this is most likely impossible, but I recently ordered what looked like a HRAP1 from somewhere, and they shipped me a HRAP2 (which yes, I realize is a huge rarity). I’m still trying to decide if I want to return it (and if I can’t find a HRAP1 I probably won’t), but I prefer HRAP1’s over 2’s.

If anyone has any info on where I could find one (that isn’t 272 dollars, on one site I’ve seen which may also be selling HRAP2’s, who knows) that’d also be appreciated.


what site im looking for a hrap myself the green/black on

videogamecentral. Their page shows the green HRAP1 similar to what I have, but they sent me a white/red HRAP 2.

Goldenshop shows it on their page but they’re out. I also called Japan Video Game (linked to from one of the hrap faqs) and they don’t have them anymore either (also shows the HRAP1).

Yesasia wants 272 dollars, and by now I’m not entirely convinced they’d give me a HRAP 1 either.

If you know of another place, I’d love to hear it. These things are impossible to find now.