WTT HRAP3 for Ps3 Mas Stick

I would like to trade my PS3/PC Hrap3 stick for a Ps3 mas stick or a mas stick that has a Ps3 adapter.
The Hrap 3 stick includes: 6 sanwa screwins green, 6 sanwa screwins red, 8 red stock buttons, red ball top, green ball top, 2 hole plugs,

the wire on the the stick has a little cut on it because I would wrap up the stick when I was done using it. Still works though.

Someone delete this thread since no one wants it ill keep it.

From open to close in 9 minutes because noone made you an offer? Wow, patience really is a virtue eh? j/k :slight_smile:

sorry I guess I should be more patient.

i made like 3 threads asking for a Mas Stick and no one responded so good luck :slight_smile: