WTT: Ipod Touch 2nd Gen for Dsi

This time it’s not for me, but this trade is plain and simple.

my friend is offering an:

  • 8GB Ipod Touch** 2nd Generation** w/ the latest 3.1.1 firmware.
  • The carrying case pictured.
  • The cable (which has a break in the casing. Still works fine though. See picture.)
  • The original hard packaging

also has the ZAGG Invisible Shield protector on the front. And going by their site it is impossible to scratch.



so we are looking to trade for the BLUE (has to be blue) DSi new, or one with no scrathes, and almost technically new.

throwing in a flashcard of some kind is a +.

So is a carrying case.

bump. no one!?

someone has to want this trade

Would you want a slightly used Black DS Light for the trade?