WTT KOF 13 for MK9


Looking to trade kof 13 for xbox 360 plus soundtrack for mk9 complete edition is preferred but i may take an offer for regular MK9. Kof 13 is in perfect condition I like the game alot but am playing it more casually and i feel MK would be a better fit for casual play (Tag team with my friends, Co op modes etc). If i had the time to juggle KOF with the other games im taking seriously id stay in there but as of now we gotta part ways

I also have Mario Kart DS and New super Mario brothers looking to trade for other DS games or whatever just wanna try out different stuff


Is this for PS3 or Xbox? I have a copy of MK (regular, not komplete) that I would be willing to trade for KOF 13.


yes this is for xbox i updated to reflect that


Ah…unfortunately, my copy of MK9 is for Ps3…good luck with your search.


I am still looking to trade may be open to other offers


may also consider sale would anyone be interested in that


It’s not the greatest deal, but you can get a copy of MK9 Komplete at GoHastings for $30 shipped for a used copy (or $35 for a new one) with their current coupon code.



I’ll keep that in mind if I get the funds for it ill update the thread.
still looking


I have a copy of MK9 Komplete edition for xbox 360 I’d trade you for your KF13 + soundtrack, you can keep the soundtrack to be honest.

This would be insane since i was literally going to sell the one to help pay for the other.