WTT KoFXIII XBOX 360 and Catherine XBOX 360 - Factory Sealed


I have 4 sealed copies of King of Fighters XIII for XBOX 360 and 1 Sealed Catherine for XBOX 360.
Want to trade for King of Fighters XIII for PS3 and/or Persona 4 Arena for PS3.

I use these to run tournaments but need PS3 versions of everything now.

PM or post your trade offers and we’ll start working things out.



Bump. Any interest?


I have a used copy of KOFXIII for PS3 that I bought brand new - its in great shape - if the shipping isnt crazy I am be interested in swapping KOF for KOF. PS3 to Xbox.


PM sent. Thanks!




I’d be interested in the kof if you still have it but I don’t have a a copy for ps3… anything else you’re looking for? (parts, ect)


Sorry, not at the moment. Thanks though!

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