WTT: Konami Hyperstick


Fresh from Japan the 96 classic Konami Hyperstick never released in the states a awesome compact stick it features full Seimitsu setup with ls-56-01 and 8 15-ps. The stick is very close in size to the classic Namco not really interested in selling it but there are a few thing that I have been looking for I love this stick but have had a few sticks I’m interested in for projects. This stick is really for the the stick collector out there
Things I’m looking for

Virtua high grade case (no Pcb needed or buttons)
Hss-130 base (no PCB buttons no top or bottom panel needed)
Candy cab control panel base (no metal panel)

like I said before I’m not looking to sell and really just throwing this out there

Link to more PicturesHyperstick pictures by rosserrooster - Photobucket


Ross nice stick, glad u got it in. Also wanted to say i never got my 7-11 straws in :frowning:


Shit I PM’ed you while ago go to see if you recieved them but I did not hear from you I will send you out a set this week I have a new mini chop saw now so all the cuts are perfectly straight. sorry man Don’t worry buddy you will defiantly get a new set


Can I possibly barter a custom finkle case for this?
Pretty. I have some ideas for this case. :slight_smile:


Yeah not really what I was looking for as for customs I love finkles work but the only customs I was looking at lately are voltech VHG,B15’s and Soujistiks low pro wide but I will think about it and let you know if I change my mind


Thanks buddy… i know u had pmed last time but been busy and lately havent post here that often.