Would anyone want to trade their copy of MVC3 for LBP2? I only played LBP2 a couple of times & really want MVC3.

I also have a Madcatz Tatsunoku empty case & a Tekken 6 HRAP empty case that I would trade for MVC3. Let me know.



Check THIS THREAD out. I PM’d the seller and got nothing back, so I retracted my offer.

Maybe you could work something out with them.


I’ve got a copy i’d be willing to trade, also in socal.


Sounds good man, I’ll send you a pm.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to try to do a trade with brighenne since he is in the US.


You willing to sell that empty TvC case? If so, how much? Pics?


PM sent.


Is the HRAP six case the wireless one?


No, it is the wired one for the 360. Here is a pic of both the HRAP & the Tatsunoku cases: