WTT: Looking for a stick; lots of junk I need to get rid of

I’m looking for a reasonable arcade stick, I want to upgrade from the piece of garbage I’m currently using (I won’t mention any names other than Pelican). It doesn’t have to be something super-ridiculous but I want something that’s decent and will hold up to abuse. I’m trying to avoid using money because I have none, so here is a long list of stuff I need to get rid of. I might accept trades other than for sticks but it’s not likely.

Edit: I will now accept cash but would rather trade, please make an offer if theres something you want to buy (PMs please)


3 Xbox Madcatz Micro Controllers; 1 missing break-off cord thing at end
2 PS1 dual shocks
1 PS2 dual shock
1 logitech wireless ps2 cont
1 PS2 multitap
1 PS2 dvd remote
2 PlayStation 1 consoles (both work)
1 PS2/PC Logitech Racing wheel (don’t know which model; has two pedals/no shifter)

PS2: All titles have box/instructions
Gran Turismo 4
Street Fighter EX3
NBA Hoopz
Grand Theft Auto 3 (GHits Ed; has poster inside)
Grand Theft Auto 3 (Original ed; no poster)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Ridge Racer V
Metal Gear Solid 2
Onimusha 3
Final Fantasy X (No box/inst)
Dark Cloud 2

Xbox: Box/inst included
Forza Motorsport

Xbox 360: box/inst included
Gears of War

Wii: Box/inst inc

Gamcube: Box/inst included
Donkey Konga (with bongos!)
Phantasy Star Online (no box/inst; no network adapter)

Playstation 1: box/inst inc
Final Fantasy Chronicles
Metal Gear Solid

NDS: B/i inc
Mario 64 DS (cart is slightly damaged (dog) but still functional)
Metroid Prime Hunters (no box; cart damaged… still works)

GBA: No boxes/inst here
Gameboy Advance System
Super Mario Advance
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
Sword of Mana
GB Color:
Tetris DX
Kirby’s Pinball
TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan

Battlefield: Vietnam (only jewelcase with cdkey included)
Unreal 2004 (box, inst , cdkey included)
Battlefield 2142 (box/inst/key included)

Now to really dig deep.

SNES: These are all untested (i found them in a box in my attic; no SNES included heh). No boxes or instruction manuals here.
Super Mario All-stars
Family Dog
Super NES Super Scope 6 (just the cart)
Super Metroid
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the past
Street Fighter 2 (world warrior)

I also have Mortal Kombat for gamegear but honestly, who even has a gamegear these days?

I might update this list if I happen to find more junk.

I have a gamegear :smiley:

well if you have a stick laying around I’ll send you a hot copy of the most mediocre fighting game released for GG :stuck_out_tongue:

bump :\

which pelican stick is it?
if its the universal one its really easy to replace with real arcade parts that last alot longer

is that a 360 premium?

I have all these sticks available http://www.flickr.com/photos/43048390@N00/sets/72157600256480560/ for trade…

I think you misunderstood how I organized it, the consoles are just headings under the “Software” section


Hey, what type are those ps1 dualshocks, are they compatible with SpiffyShoe’s stick hack?

I’m not sure, link to this hack?

b m p

You mean you want to trade for a playstation stick right? No dreamcast or such?

Is that GBA a GBA or SP?

It’s a GBA