WTT: Lots of sticks / parts / & misc's added | WTB: MAS and Diamond VLX arcadesticks


Knocking some dust off my old TO thread.

Hit me up with offers for anything you like on my list, even if you don’t have any of my WTB stuff. Sorry don’t have pics for everything, but can dig them up if needed.

Want to trade:

Like New/A+ PS3 SF Cross Tekken VS edition stick




BNIB PS4/PS3/PC MadCatz Chun Li TE2 stick

BNIB PS4/PS3/PC Hori KOF XIV ArcadeStick

BNIB PS4/PS3/PC Razer Panthera Aracde Stick

BNIB PS4/PS3/PC EightArc Qanba Crystal

B+/B condition complete w/box PS3 MvC2 TE stick — Sold to @Vegetablefiend




B+/B condition complete w/box XBox 360 TE-S stick




A-/B+ condition XBox 360 SF Cross Tekken Pro Limited Edition (Red) — Traded to @HibachiFinal

C/C- condition SF Cross Tekken Pro Limited Edition (Red) case only w/Tek Innovations Plexi — Sold to @MarmaladeMike




C/C- condition Black HRAP3 SA case only w/ Tek Innovations plexi — Sold to @TheBlackHombre





B-/C+ condition joystick only (no box) PS2/PSX HRAP T5 stick — Sold to @TheBlackHombre

B+ condition joystick only (no box) PS2/PSX Namco stick

Crown 303-FK Korean Joystick, with Black/Clear bat-top, 5-pin JLF conversion harness, and @wazwuz 's Fanta Crown upgrade kit (hard grommet & soft switches installed). I also have the original grommet and switches (on the left in the photo), and will included them with the sale.




Paradise Arcade Shop OBS-MX Rev. A buttons w/Green switches & Clear Caps x16 x10 still available — x6 kept for personal build

GamerFinger HBSF-30 30mm buttons w/Red switches & White Caps & an extra set of Clear Caps x8 — used for gift build

AWUK Bat-top Red x5 & Black x5

Madcatz TE2 Noir Panel

New Hori FC4

Used Hori FC4

v2.10 Akishop PS360+

v2.10 Akishop PS360+ with Crossbone/XBOne PCB (wired all nice by @Vicko ) x2

@Toodles Chimp SMD PCB + @Toodles Piiwee PCB (wired all nice by @EJM )

@Toodles AXISdapter PCB + Sony Dual Shock 3 controller PCB + new Li-Ion battery (wired all nice by @FreedomGundam )

@Toodles PS3 Cthulhu PCB

PDP Injustice Fightstick PCB + Turbo Panel + LED Joystick + LED Buttons

Like New/A+ condition Buffalo USB SNES Gamepad for PC (works on PS3 too!)

BNIB Retron5 (Black) + new extra controller (Black)

Like New/A+ condition complete Ouya w/ controller & Bluetooth mini keyboard/mouse remote

BNIB Pearl FF Tactics GBA SP

B-/C+ condition system only Atomic Purple GBA

C/C- condition system only White DS lite

Hella JLF’s & LS-32-01’s in various condition + the usual modder’s mix of Sanwa/Seimitsu balltops + buttons so just ask. See below for some pics, but I do have more than what’s pictured.






Want to buy:

MAS Joysticks (Classic Full-Size, Classic Mini, Rev. 2013, 6-Button, 8-Button, pretty much any variant)
Willing to pay from $20 to $400 depending on condition/part configurations

HORI VLX Diamond Edition
Willing to pay from $150 to $500 depending on condition


Willing to pay from $50 to $200 depending on condition. FOUND!!!
DC ASCII Stick FT - Capcom Edition

Willing to pay from $50 to $150 depending on condition. FOUND!!!
PS Sega Virtua Stick - HSS0136

Shoot me a fair price on what you’ve got of these. FOUND!!!
Sanwa OBS-30B Buttons | Sanwa OBS-M-1 Omron Microswitches

Willing to pay from $40 to $70 depending on condition. FOUND!!!
MC Wii TvC Stick

Looking to get $45 shipped, prefer to sell all as a group. Traded Away!!!
x9 Sanwa OBSN-30RG buttons

Willing to pay from $80 to $140 depending on condition. FOUND!!!
PS3 HORI V3 SA - Virtua Fighter 5 Editon

Willing to pay from $50 to $250 depending on condition. FOUND!!!
PC Sega Virtua Stick - CS2-0007

Willing to pay from $20 to $40 depending on condition & color. FOUND!!!

WTB HRAP2 shell
WTS: Custom sticks, Supergun parts (jamma harness, Usb decoders)
WTB Hori RAP 1,2,3, EX, EX-SE etc & Madcatz TE cases
WTB: Any Astro City / Noir layout joystick (360 or empty shell)
Sanwa OBS-30A vs. Sanwa OBSF-30RG
The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread
Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Good luck on your search. Those guys are pretty pricey though. Hope you can find a good deal!


Thanks SmokeMaxX, I had a feeling, that’s what big brothers are for though, right?

Will keep looking and try not to have a sticker shock induced heart attack.





All PM’s replied to.

Still on the look out.




All PM’s replied to.

Found the one that’s gonna be the birthday present thank you SRK Community!!!

Now on the look out for one for me (^_ ^)


Just want to again express my gratitude to the SRK community. With the help of other members, searching the forum, & reading just a few threads I was able find the stick, the upgrades, and successfully peform the mods myself. This, I hope, will be a very awsome 30th birthday for my little bro!!!

Brand New 2009 SDCC XBOX 360 Mad Catz TE #199 of 250
plus a Akishop PS360+ PCB
plus a PhreakMods Link

Build #3 - Full Wico | Full Optical Joystick

You are a awesome brother. It’s hard enough finding a sdcc madcatz stick ,let alone a brand new one, and you’re giving it as a gift.

I wouldn’t mod it though since its a collectors item but that’s totally up to you. Congrats!


Trust me STEZO_ONE the mod would’ve been a cake walk if I didn’t care about preserving the stick’s original guts.

But I did.

So the bottom base was never opened, I bought all new cables from FocusAttack.com, and I had an electrical engineer buddy desoldered the orginal USB cable from the Mad Catz PCB.

So all the original cables, plugs, and cord storage area are still pristine.


Wow kudos for the gift you’re giving you’s lil bro!
Just curious, how much did the SDCC stick alone cost you?

Ps - someone’s a warriors fan!


Bump, updated with new WTB’s.


Pmed about ASCII stick


I have an mint complete HSS-136 for saturn and HSS ps2 ver. (shell basically, no box, pcb or original buttons)


@MaDDock123‌ I’m cool on the HSS for Saturn

And so… the PS2 one is just the enclosure? no guts? is the stock joystick still inside the enclosure? I’m interested.

Can PM me pics?


@MaDDock123‌ PM sent.


@Feargus001100‌ Replied




1 down, 1 to go, @StridaJin‌ thanks again!!!

@MaDDock123‌ reply PM sent.


@MaDDock123‌ PM#2 sent.


@feargus001100 no prob man. Just wish USPS didn’t use the box for soccer practice though -_-