WTT LS-56-01 with ball or bat for a JLF or maybe ls-32

Hey guys, I have an extra ls-56 that I’m wanting to trade out for a jlf (a model that hooks up via cable harness) or maybe a ls-32-01, would probably prefer the JLF though as I’m so used to seimitsu right now I just want a softer feel right now.

I have a grey ball top, or red bat, black bat, and white bat, you choose one… I have a flat mounting plate for the 56 thats made out of a cut down old stop sign lol, sounds ghetto but it works, this one has the stick hole and holes to mount it to the stick drilled, you just need to drill the holes for whatever you are mounting it to, so basically you can turn this mounting plate into any kind you need with a little bit of drilling.

Shoot me a PM and let me know what you have and what model of stick etc. Thanks guys!

Sorry, no Happ sticks wanted.