WTT: Mad Catz RD1 TE(No PCB)+Misc Japanese parts for MAS Stick Shell


TE has Seimitsu PS-14-GN-KN buttons with Sanwa 24mm and 30mm button plugs, stock JLF stick with PAS JLF 3 lbf custom spring, bat top and 12mm red screws.

Misc parts:

1xKowal 1mm Oversize Actuator
1xJLF GT-O Circle Restrictor Plate(not pictured)
2xExtra Seimitsu PS-14-GN-KN White
3xSanwa ball tops
1x2LB Sanwa Spring
1xPAS JLF 4 lbf Custom Spring(not pictured)
1xPAS JLF 6 lbf Custom Spring(not pictured)
8xSanwa OBSF-30, from the stock TE.
1xSeimitsu LS-32-01
Extra JLF parts as shown in picture.
Knock off JLF and buttons from a Mad Catz SE.


Forgot to mention that the Turbo Panel is just a cover with no working buttons.






Are you trading all of that for a MAS stick shell? If so, i have a MAS stick with a ps2/dc pcb. The top MAS art has been replaced with carbon fiber vinyl sticker.


Yes, all of it for a Mas shell or stick.


How much for the ls-32 by itself if you mind selling it by itself. Trying to get a hold of one cheap for testing.


Sorry, the stick has been traded.