WTT: Madcatz Fight Stick PRO (LE) for Madcatz Chun Li TE-S


I have the limited edition Fight Stick Pro for the XBOX360 available for trade. Looking for the Chun-Li TE-S stick. I’m not looking for the first deal so I’m gonna be pretty patient until I find the one Chun stick I’m looking for. Prefer to find one in excellent condition that’s dual modded. The Fight Stick Pro is in excellent condition and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I have made slight changes to its appearance… new buttons, ball top, shaft, etc. Pretty much looking to trade instead of sell. That could change soon though, who knows. And I do understand that since I’m looking for a dual modded for my 360 only, I’ll probably have to add some cash as well. The stick number is 852/1000, btw.

So anyone with a Chun Li TE-S stick who’s interested should PM me so we can discuss an official deal. Here are a few pics of the Fight Stick PRO. Will upload a few more if need be.

(Old buttons, put this pic in just so you can see the white shaft cover.)

PM me if you’re interested and we’ll discuss if something can be worked out.


If you can’t find someone to trade with in the near future i’ll be willing to buy it off of you. Keep me in mind!

Just for shits and giggles, I have a very lightly used PS3 Premium VLX that I would do a straight up trade for. It would be a great stick to dual mod! If it doesn’t pique your interest then that’s cool, I’ll gladly buy.


For sure, good looking out. I was thinking since my Pro isn’t dual modded and I’m looking for a dual modded Chun stick, it could even itself out. But I’ll keep that in mind when I do find a deal.

Most definitely man, I’ll get back to you if I’m not able to find what I’m looking for soon. The VLX is damn SEXY but the thing is, I hardly play on PS3 (hence why I’m looking for a dual modded stick) and I’m looking for a less heavier stick to bring to locals that supports both systems. My rufus stick is my only dual mod and it’s pretty heavy to carry around. But I’ll get back to you on that real soon, whether it’s a trade for your VLX or cash deal.