WTT: Madcatz Street Fighter 4 TE stick for Xbox 360 for YOUR PS3 version

Barely used MadCatz Street fighter 4 Arcade Stick, Tournament Edition, still have original box, would like to trade for a PS3 version.

Barely used, awesome condition.

I might be able to trade ya. I’ll pm you in a bit


okay kasprfoto, after pm’ing all day, seems like im gonna trade with you. Going to post confirmation #'s tomorrow.

trusting you homie, I really hope I don’t get jerked… =0)

From what I’ve seen, kasprfoto is a really trustworthy and friendly guy. Also, if only you had posted this like 2 weeks ago I would’ve gone for the trade in an instant (I even live in Essex County :rofl: ). I ended up having my friend order a Round 2 360 stick and trading with him. I’m glad it looks like it works out for everyone anyway. :tup:

Good to know ViperXL. Keep me in mind for future local trades :slight_smile:

What’s up with all the NJ peeps haha. GL on trade.

lol… thanks homie.

shipped to kasprfoto, ETA 04/16/10

new ETA, 04/19/10, kasprfoto, need the tracking numbers again?


Thanks FreezerB, but I’ve already traded my stick.

Trade completed, I got my stick, kasprfoto got his. Thanks kasprfoto. Mods can close this ;0)