Wtt Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (ps2) for your xbox 360 arcade stick

Ok, so I just got an xbox 360 and I am looking for an arcade stick that has a jlf, and sanwa buttons.

I just bought MVC2 on craigslist as mint. It has the case, booklet, and disk. After long and hard inspection, it has some very very very minor scratches on the disk. I paid alot for this game but I cant play it as well as st so if anyone want to trade for their 360 arcade stick w/ sanwa parts let me know. I would like to do this asap, so I can play the hdr beta. If you live in the OC or LA area, I can do a local pickup or trade.

Iam really desperate to get a stick asap.

BTW, I dont have a camera. sorry!!! Maybe local pickup would be better. I can add some cash to the deal if you got a nice stick.

Thanks for reading!!!


my burnt copy an swap magic work just fine thanks

ps. your dreaming

LOL srrsly… Ebay that shitty port and buy a stick.

Here’s a cheap xbox stick


seriously comments like this are uncalled for. Someone should ban this guy. I think this is the second comment today that Ive read where youve done this.

I was assuming my copy of mvc2 was worth around $60-$70. I was willing to trade the game + cash. How am I dreaming?

If someone wants this game and has a stick and said give me 70 bucks plus the game I would have. My copy of mvc2 is probably better than any listed on ebay for $85.

I ended up getting an ex2 at Fry’s today. So mods close this thread.

i agree with Madgrab. there should be no tolerance when it comes to flaming others in the trading outlet.

people are intitled to there opinions champ , dont post unrealistic offers/joke threads in trade an maybe you might be taken more seriously

if you cant handle it dont post at all ever anywhere

i stand by my original statement you were dreaming

“DO NOT crap other peoples threads just because you don’t like the item.”

Enough said. Run along!

It’s worth up to 80.

On ebay.

No one here will pay anything close to that for such an awful port of the game. The masses who want it because it’s rare for the PS2 will, however.

The more you know.

I personally don’t think you did anything wrong, but you definitely should try to research a little bit before you make offers. Most of the customs being sold here are quite costly based on the particular artists time/parts. You’ll also get less value here for MvC2 on PS2, because most SRKers are players before collectors.

Just my $20.00


That’s not an opinion.

it’s “their” not “there”