WTT: MAS for Sanwa (PS2)

I’ve got a used 8-button mini MAS for ps2 that i’d like to trade for a japanese-style stick. Sanwa or seimitsu is okay. If you feel the value of your stick is greater than mine then we can work out a deal.

I’m hoping there’s some sf4 player out there who doesn’t use their ps2 stick anymore that might wanna help me out :stuck_out_tongue:

This stick was preowned by my roommate, so i dont know the exact stock parts (happ comp i think?) - but it is testing working, though a couple of the buttons feel stiffer than the others.


I’m also willing to look into STOCK T5 or hori sticks.

i think have a messed up ps2 custom sanwa. if you wanted that and some cash? Im pretty sure you just need to get another joystick and also do some soldering on it.

could you be more specific with the problems and perhaps pm a couple of pics? thanks.

Exactly what kind of trade with a stock t5 are we talking here

Probably one with reasonable compensation - be it monetary or parts or something else. I’m not really LOOKING for anything, so a head start on the sanwas or some extra cash would make the most sense.

bump for renewed interest…

Does it specifically have to be a ps2 stick or is any Japanese style stick fine?

got an ascii box i can wire up for ps2, sanwa stick but no sawna buttons. Are those buttons concave? if they are you can keep them :lol: I’ve got convex, only ones i use.

Looks like that, but without buttons. though i still have the stock Ascii buttons, if you want them. I’ve got 2 sanwa JLF’s and the optical ascii clone that came with it.

The clone rules, esspecially with the JLF spring in it. That’d be extra though.

I also live about an hour from Oakland, I could meet you part way. Berkeley maybe?

Definitely need ps2 or dual mod…no 360 or ps3 for me yet…

you’ve piqued my interest - i’ll send you a pm with a few questions soon.

After considering it I think I’m going to put my stick up for sale, i forgot my 6 months have passed and i can put up a listing :lol:
Sorry, if you still want it look for my thread in the next few days.