WTT:Multi Console hori RAP VLX (PS360+,SB)


Hi, im looking to downsize on my arcade stick
i i have a hori RAP VLX
Silenced buttons (all including start button)
Multi Console Mod (PS360+ PCB)
Black metal panel wrapped in carbon fiber

Im looking for something smaller and dual modded that easy to carry, i love this stick to death but carrying it everywhere without a bag is sometime a pain
(if someone can point me in a direction where i can buy a bag to house this monster then i’ll just keep it and close thread)

So, your dual modded stick+ 150 cash your end (looking for a madcatz VS PRO(metal ones)
paypal is what I deal with

Post What you have and i can work on the price depending on what your stick is!
NOTE: I will not deal with known scammers that have not dealt with there past deals or unresolved issues
If you have a schedule that prevents you from shipping your item on time do not bother(will not deal with excuses)
Will not deal with paypal or shipping scams of any sort (reverse payment,etc)
Im straightforward and i expect you to be the same!






Have you tried asking around for a Hori Travel Bag? They’re harder to find than VLX, but I’m sure someone might have one they’d want to part with.

They work nicely: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktv88pw1y04mkla/20131013_222829.jpg
I added a shoulder strap to mine some time after that picture, but the normal carrying handles are more than enough. It’s worth a shot looking for one if you’d rather keep your VLX.


thats the bag that im looking for but its so hard to find!
im looking into other bags while the FS thread is up!


there’s this: http://www.eightarc.com/defender-1/
it says it can fit sticks up to 19 inches long and it’s a backpack. i know i hate carrying my stick around, waiting for my turn in tournaments. it’s actually cost me a few losses because my hands will cramp up. anyways, worth putting it out there.


thanks i will look into that!


I have a dual modded stick and I am willing to make this trade, If you are interested please message me.


I have a Dual Modded TE-S, it has custom artwork and everything works fine. Also, I still have the original box and am willing to give you my MadCatz carrying bag with the stick too. Ive been looking for this stick for a while and would greatly be willing to make this trade.


messaged you!


I have a dual modded Chun-Li TE and a dual modded Blaz Blu stick available.


is the blazblue one all white body? if so i’llll take it with cash on top!




pm’ed back!


sale pending to jill valentine!


If not please contact. Have cash to buy a Dual Modded stick and then on top!


Stick has be sold to Jill valentine, please close thread!


Received the stick a couple days ago. Everything was perfect and the trade went smooth.