WTT: MVC2 TE Stick (360)+cash for a PS3 SLIM


I have an MVC2 TE Stick (360) that I’m looking to trade for a PS3. Depending what model it is and how good condition it is, I could add cash. My TE is in real good condition minus a couple small blemishes to the case through time. Other than that, the TE works perfectly and I have had no problems with it. It has a black bezel instead of a white and I also have the original box included with it.

PM me with offers if you’re interested. Thank you.


This might be your best bet



I might have. I’ll check when I get home.
Just pay shipping, so like $3 or something… That is, if I have one.


Thanks, I just ended up ordering off focusattack. But thanks to bkfst_sausage for the offer. Updated, now looking for a PS3.