WTT: MVC3 SE Metal Case!

MVC3 SE Metal Case meaning the STEEL GAME CASE that the Special Edition of MVC3 came in. This is not about a stick, sorry for any confusion!

I have the SE myself, but got a small scratch on the cover of it, and it REALLY bugs the hell out of me. Basically there’s a little chunk of the art missing from Tron’s hair on the front.

I’m looking for someone to trade me their MVC3 SE Metal case for mine and some cash.

This one is probably a long shot, but like I said, CASH TOO!

mvc3 SE?

Yea mvc3 Special Edition.

Yep, the special edition steel case.

I don’t want the booklet or anything else, just a case for a case and some cash. I’ll post pics when someone shows some interest.

I was thinking is that a stick or something. my bad.

yeah i was thinking “they made a marvel SE”? (referring to the madcatz stick)

Sorry for the confusion, I edited my post so it’s stated in the first sentence.

I have one Pm me a offer

PM sent.