WTT: My 6 black screw in Sanwa buttons for your red/white/black snap in buttons

I have a set of 6 screw-in black OSBN-30 buttons.

I want a set of 6 red, white or black OSBF-30 snap-in buttons.

My buttons are pretty new so they have about a month or two of use. Because of the use, I understand that people might not want to make it a completely 50-50 trade, for that I’m willing to spend a little more on your buttons if they’re brand new. If you’ve used them for about that long, an equal trade is fine too.

I’ll toss in about $10 if you’re offering me OBSF-30-BK gray or white.

Hey man, I got a set of 6 used red Sanwa’s lying around, snap-ins. Trade? :smiley:

EDIT: I just looked at them, they’re screw-ins. facepalm You don’t want that, right?

I’ll do this. I’ve got 6 white OBSF-30, which also have seen a month of use, however look somewhat new. I’ll throw you a PM.

Are you comfortable with sending first? Your join date concerns me (a little).

Well, since you were the one looking for the OBSF, I thought it would be fair if we sent at the same time. I would have provide pictures if you wanted. But if you’re concerned with my join date, a number, I’ll back off and let you trade with someone else.

if none of these deals go down. i’ll make that trade. I have 6 sanwa red snap in’s with about a month use. hollah back if it doesn’t push through.

I have some white mad catz buttons, you know you want them d00d! lol

I’m concerned because I don’t know if you have anyone to vouch for you on the forums. I know of a few people here on the forums who would vouch for me to you so that’s why I’m going by join date. It’s pretty much why you can’t start threads here until you have a certain # of posts and have been here for 6 months, yeah?

If you provide pictures I’ll agree to send at the same time. If you’re not interested, then R2J, as long as I don’t have to send my buttons to the Phillipines… D:

If anything falls through for you, I’d take the trade too… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got 6 white snap-ins with very light use, they were in my stick for about 2 weeks when one of my pink buttons got damaged. Now that I replaced my pink buttons, these are just sitting around again, still waiting for me to make a P2 stick.

I’m in Socal. Hahaha So it won’t be sent international.=)
i’ll take a picture of them on my hfs3 and post them later on today.