WTT: My HRAP3 for your HRAP2

If you have custom buttons/art and whatever else, we can just swap the top panels (i think it’s swappable, i don’t see any differences). I personally just want a white casing and will deal with the usb connects on my own. If you look at it this way, you get to upgrade your HRAP2 components to HRAP3 components for free!

Must have box and everything. Straight trade.

hrap2 is better since it works with a ps2 and a ps3 with a converter and you can mount a seimitsu to it. hrap3 has neither and is a downgrade.

thanks for the thread crap, asshole.

first of all, an hrap2 doesn’t have a home button. a ps2 to ps3 converter has no home button(edit: ah i remember inpin does but you have to goto your ps3 to hit the home button… wth). to many people this is a necessity.

secondly, seimitsu’s can be fitted in an HRAP3 with a different panel if someone wanted a seimitsu stick, hence the reason for swapping panels

you lose a ps2 harness, but rarely anyone plays on ps2 anymore for fighting games. they can be played on the computer, on a ps3, xbox360

hey just wanted to let you know the inpin ps2 to ps3 converter has a guide button on the converter just incase you needed to buy 1 gl on your trade you can also get a t5 ps2 stick but you probably wont like the button layout.

I only have a HRAP, from the olden days, i believe it’s a HRAP 1 lol.

i want ur hrap 1

if it’s clean and you’re down to trade and can confirm that the panels can be swapped, i am willing to trade you (i need the hrap 2/3 layout)

why dont you just use vinyle dye? cheaper than paying shipping and waiting for it